The Word About Lena

“I’m writing to thank you-as much as words permit-for the invaluable assistance you rendered as we prepared the revised edition of the ABA Guide to Wills and Estates. Many lawyers around the country helped us on this book….

None, however, worked harder or contributed more than you did. We counted on you to be up to date on all the latest estate tax information, to guide us as we dealt with trusts, and to answer specific questions about tax law, trusts, and wealth preservation. You did every task well, and on time.

The book owes a great, great deal to your fine work. Thank you again for giving us your time. It is in the finest traditions of service to the public.”

Charles White, Senior Editor American Bar Association, Division for Public Education, Chicago, IL

“’Just terrific!’ These were the words I overheard over and over again following your presentation last night at the “Money Matters for SMART Women” seminar…

Your enthusiasm and professionalism ensured the success of this important program.”

Shira Oler, Director of Major and Planned Giving Suburban Hospital Foundation, Bethesda, MD

“….. Your presentation was informative and entertaining. Your participation in the workshop helped the Planned Giving Committee provide essential information to church members and the community.”

Hollis Krotchko, Secretary Planned Giving Committee, Saint Mark Presbyterian Church, Rockville, MD

“I would like to thank you for helping to make our “Pre-Retirement Planning” session a success. A motivational discussion on “Estate Planning” was definitely an eye opener for most of us. Whether we leave a Will or a Trust, the point is to get us to plan for that inevitable event the way we want, when we want, to whom we want, and to save every last tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost possible. If nothing else, you have started us to do just that-Plan.”

Sheri Melvin, Sr. Employee Benefits Representative Gillette Medical Evaluation Laboratories, Gaithersburg, MD

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