Legacy Stones

Lena’s 31st Anniversary Reflections

Dear Friends:

Thirty-one years ago on May 1, 1990 I opened my own law practice; prior to that time I was an Associate of a Manhattan based law firm which also had offices in Rockville, Brussels & Paris.

Thank you for your confidence and trust. Thank you for sharing your dreams, fears, experiences, and life lessons with me. Thank you for the wonderful relationships we have established over the years.

During the past year I have learned to do “old” things in new ways as well as new things too. I continue to work mainly from home & go to the office for document signings with safety protocols. Though some restrictions have loosened, we must continue to be vigilant with the virus. Thankfully technology allows us to do much and I am glad the pandemic did not happen ten, or even five, years ago.

Winston Churchill famously stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We have been dealing with multiple crises & many people have suffered. I am heartened by the many acts of kindness & generosity in our community and beyond

Life is about change. History teaches certain events, such as pandemics, create transformations. I believe we will see positive transformations though some likely will not be easy.

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.” Richard Branson

We must remain patient, calm & kind.

May you be healthy, safe and happy.


Lena S. Barnett
Attorney & Counsellor at Law

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