To love what you do and feel that it matters--how could anything be more fun?

― Katherine Graham

Lena Speaks at Wealth Counsel Regional Meeting

Lena was honored to co-present two continuing legal education programs during Wealth Counsel’s DC Metro/Virginia State Forum on June 24, 2014. Attorneys from MD, DC, VA, WV, DE, PA and NC were invited to attend as well as other Wealth Counsel attorneys from around the country.

The first presentation was Create Significance for Your Clients through Collaborative Charitable Planning. This presentation included the following:

• The New World of Planning.

• Why Charitable Planning is Important.

• Mastery Comes from Knowing How to Use the Right Tools and How to Combine Them.

• The Power of the Collaborative Charitable Planning Team & Why This is Important to Know & Practice Now.

The second presentation was Preserve Your Clients' Personal & Business Relationships through Collaborative Law. This presentation included the following:

• What is Collaborative Law?

• The Top 6 Reasons to Learn about Collaborative Practice

• The Impact of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act

• Improve the Lives of Your Clients & Their Families

• Collaborative Law, Charitable Planning & our Community Foundation have something in common.

Lena had fun collaborating with others as she prepared for, and presented, these programs.

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