Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Events & Speaking Engagements

Lena Barnett continues to conduct seminars for a variety of organizations across the Baltimore-Washington region.

A popular and highly regarded speaker, Lena Barnett has conducted seminars for numerous organizations. Her presentations are tailored to the varied needs and objectives of her audiences.

Does your group include retirees or would-be retirees? Is your group a charity, or are you looking for a presentation for the benefit of a charity? Does your group consist of entrepreneurs or health care professionals? Are you an investment group that wants to know how estate planning can affect you and your investments? Do you want to provide a perk for your employees or your clients? These are just a few examples of the groups that can benefit from a Lena Barnett presentation.

Please visit "The Word About Lena" for comments about her presentations.

If you would like Lena Barnett to conduct a seminar or workshop for your company, organization or group, please contact her at for details.

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