Planning for Blended Families

Are you, your spouse, or both of you in your second, third, or more marriage? Do you have children from different marriages? For example, you may have your children with another spouse, you may have your spouse’s children, and you may have children you have had with your current spouse? What happens to these children in the event of your disability and upon your death? Are they minors?

Do you have your own assets? Do you own assets that you have acquired with your current spouse? Do you own assets that you have acquired from your own blood relatives? Does your spouse have the same? What happens to these assets upon your disability and at your death? Do you want to control who, when, and how they receive your assets?

Did you execute a pre-nuptial agreement prior to your marriage? Did you execute a post-nuptial agreement?

Blended families need estate planning perhaps even more than traditional family units. An effective and efficient estate plan is necessary to avoid the many obstacles which face blended families. If you are part of a blended family, be sure that you work with an experienced attorney who can help you address the many important and delicate issues that you, your spouse, and your family face.

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