Lena Barnett contributes to two more American Bar Association books

Reviewer, The American Bar Association Guide to Wills and Estates, Second Edition, 2004, Random House Reference

The ABA Guide to Wills and Estates covers why estate planning is important; how to plan an estate, the roles of wills and trusts, saving money through estate planning, and tax issues. Special chapters deal with estate planning for business owners, married people, divorced people, people in nontraditional relationships, etc. The book also looks at living wills, advanced health care directives, and other ways of anticipating a situation where are you no longer able to make decisions for yourself. The book was designed to help consumers understand and deal with this important aspect of their lives.

Ms. Barnett was a Contributing Reviewer of the First Edition of this book which was published in 1995. She provided the 1999 updates to the First Edition.

Reviewer, The American Bar Association, Family Legal Guide, Third Edition, 2004, Random House Reference

This book is third edition of a major single-volume reference on everyday law. It covers buying and selling a home, owning a home, renting a home, credit, bankruptcy, law in the workplace, personal injury, law for older Americans, automobiles and the law, law and small businesses, wills and estates, and criminal law, among other topics. Lena worked on the section on wills and estates.

Lena Barnett has also contributed to The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Small Business, 2000, Three Rivers Press

This book was designed to be a guide to understanding the small business owner’s legal responsibilities and options. The guide takes the reader from the day the business is started through the day the business is sold, or the owner retires. It also discusses what happens if the business owner becomes disabled and how to plan for the death of the business owner.

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