Is It Time to Check the Oil?

As you well know, close attention to maintenance is crucial to have a reliable, long lasting automobile. An Estate Plan is not much different than an automobile. It also needs to "Have its oil changed!" Without constant maintenance of your Estate Plan, changes can affect it and cause it to "break down." Some of these changes may be, but not limited to, the following changes in ...your personal situation-changes in personal and family relationships; your financial situation-changes in your assets which increase/decrease your net worth or new assets that need to be properly titled to be consistent with your estate plan; the legal environment (tax and non-tax) and; your attorney's experience (static vs. continuous improvement)-such as Lena Barnett who continuously strives to enhance her expertise and resources for the benefit of her clients.

Lena Barnett and Associates, L.L.C. is committed to providing its clients with plans that meet their specific goals and objectives.

  • We listen effectively to determine your objectives, desires, dreams, concerns, and fears.

  • We counsel you with your goals in mind giving you good information to make good informed choices.

  • We have relationships that will enable us to enlist the aid of estate planning colleagues or advisors in situations that call for that expertise.

  • We have a commitment to stay legally current through constant study, research, and interaction with other estate planning professionals.

  • We employ organizational methods and technological systems which allow us to provide superior services and planning in a timely manner.

Make sure you have a professional team that will keep your estate planning automobile running well for you and your loved ones. Make sure you check your oil on a regular basis. Estate planning is a process, it is not a one time event. Your estate plan reflects you, your family and your assets. Make sure you give it the attention that it and you require and deserve.

This information was prepared by Lena Barnett & Associates, LLC and is intended only to provide general information.
It is neither offered nor intended for use as legal advice, nor is it a substitute for a consultation with an attorney.

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