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Estate Plans with Care

Estate Plans with Care are plans that reflect the distinctive hopes, dreams, interests, fears, and aspirations of each client. Our clients are shown how they can: click above continue...

The Art of Estate Planning

"How can you help me? What do you do for a living?" These questions are asked of me many many times during the course of a year. Click above to continue...

Lena's 31st Anniversary Reflections

Thirty-one years ago on May 1st I opened my own law practice....Click above to continue...

Why We Do What We Do

Lena’s grandfather suddenly died when her father was just 7 years old. With no will in place, his estate was ravaged & the family struggled through some very rough years. Lena knows what can happen without planning! She wants to help her clients & client families avoid what her father, her aunt & her grandmother experienced. Lena utilizes her passions for writing & speaking to help others beyond her law practice. Remember to Live, Laugh & Love!

Our Clients Are Individuals, Families and Business Owners Just Like You. Lena Barnett & Associates, L.L.C. believes in personalized service for each and every client. Our approach is educational and proactive – we first determine each client’s individual needs, desires, and values, and then tailor their plan to best fulfill their dreams.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be enlivening, enlightening, and empowering–the way we practice it. Because estate planning is a lifelong activity, pick a firm you trust. Pick an attorney who understands your greatest wealth is you and who will help you care for your loved ones, your wealth, and yourself.

A Very Different Kind of Law Practice:

Integral Approach: We plan for the whole person, not just your money. That means you have the opportunity to plan for possible risks, and pass on your intrinsic, hard earned life’s wisdom.

Excellent Legal Care for Children: If your children are minors, we help you craft careful plans for their legal custody and not leave it to authorities to take care of your kids if you’re unable to take care to them.

A Healthy, Caring Planning Approach: We don’t dazzle you with legalese. We show you. We describe important concepts clearly so you truly understand what you’re doing when you plan.

No Surprise Bills: Our firm charges flat-fees for many of our planning services so you never have to worry about a surprise bill. In most cases we are able to quote flat fees for our core estate plans by the end of the Estate Plan Discovery/Analysis Session. Certain types of engagements may be handled on an hourly basis. In these cases, we will inform clients of the terms of such engagements in advance. Sometimes we will place a cap on these fees or include them as part of a contractual fee, depending on the client’s particular set of circumstances.

Communication is encouraged from our clients. We want you to know what your estate plan does and enjoy the process! We have relationships with clients and client families which go back to the earliest days of our law practice.

The title “Attorney & Counsellor at Law” reflects the “old fashioned values” of the trusted advisor and counsellor while utilizing the latest legal and tax developments, select professional relationships & technology to bring the best possible counsel & service to our clients and client families. We enjoy working with clients and client families who appreciate the care we put into each matter.

Estate Plans with Care are plans that reflect the distinctive hopes, dreams, interests, fears, and aspirations of each client. We will show you how you can:

  • Control your property while you are living and well.
  • Take care of yourself and your loved ones if you become disabled.
  • Give your property to whom you want, the way you want, and when you want.
  • Save tax dollars, professional fees, and court costs for you and your loved ones.

Lena Barnett & Associates, L.L.C. will ensure that your estate plan will reflect your specific needs, desires, intentions and goals, and will give you the confidence that your plan will work when you cannot speak for yourself. In addition, we also specifically design your estate plan to have the following benefits:

  • Control During Disability. Our plans cover the management of your affairs by the people of your choosing if you become incapacitated.
  • Avoid Probate Costs and Delays. With proper trust funding, avoiding probate can accelerate the distribution of your estate to your beneficiaries by reducing the time necessary to settle your estate.
  • Reduce or Eliminate Taxes. Our plans can significantly reduce estate taxes and estate settlement costs, and can even be structured to help reduce income taxes.
  • Control Distribution. Our plans let you control how your assets are managed and let you determine the allocation of those assets among your beneficiaries.
  • Control Timing. Our plans let you determine how and when beneficiaries receive your assets. Should you and your spouse pass away earlier than expected, our plans let you hold your children’s shares in trust until they reach a specified age, instead of immediate access at age eighteen.
  • Provide Asset Protection for your Beneficiaries. Our plans allow you the option of leaving your assets in trust for the benefit of your surviving spouse, or other beneficiaries, thereby protecting it from creditors, litigation, potential failed marriage, or other legal problems.
  • Provide for Business Continuation. Our plans allow you to direct how your business will continue operations in the event of your disability or death.
  • Peace of Mind. Your instructions will direct how your financial and personal affairs are to be conducted. You will select the appropriate people to stand in your shoes when you cannot speak for yourself regarding your financial matters, healthcare decisions, and guardians for minor children.
  • Avoid Family Disputes. Our plans significantly reduce and helps avoid family disagreements.
  • Provide Confidentiality. Some estate plans are required to become public record after your death. Our plans our structured to be private and confidential.
  • Preserve Your Legacy. Our plans allow you to reflect and further your values, your beliefs, your opinions, and your goals during your lifetime and even after you pass away.

We enjoy working with clients and client families who appreciate the care we put into each case.